TPUUF Annual Congregational Picnic

Please join us beginning at 12:00 noon for an afternoon of food, fun, and fellowship. Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to bring your family and friends. The picnic will be at 2 Woodmont Court, Schwenksville. Directions will be available at TPUUF prior to the event. Perhaps some of you could meet at TPUUF and … Continue reading TPUUF Annual Congregational Picnic

Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day service will feature our TPUUF members and friends who will share reflections, readings, and music that express their feelings or thoughts about a mother or an influential mother figure

Blind People and an Elephant

There’s a story about varying views of the Divine illustrated by blind people describing an elephant.  They each describe a piece of the elephant, each sharing their personal truth and together they witness to a universal truth.  The parallel being that we each hold personal religious truths which, when combined with others, speaks to a … Continue reading Blind People and an Elephant