Soul Matters: Common Themes for Reflecting, Learning and Sharing Together at TPUUF

Our March Theme: What does it mean for us to be a people of Wisdom?

 Our services and our Soul Matters Circle conversations this month will mostly focus on the theme of “Wisdom” and honor Women’s History. A Soul Matters Circle Conversation will be facilitated by the Rev. Larry Peers following the March 29th service.

Find some time this month for personal reflection, “tea with a friend” or one of our conversation circles at TPUUF to explore these questions.

  1.  Who is the wisest person you know? Which of their lessons might be worth remembering today?
  2. What’s something you know now about wisdom that you didn’t know when you were 18 years old?
  3. How much do you trust the wisdom of your intuition?
  4. Whose wisdom most often leads you on your way? The wisdom of your head? Your intuition? Your heart?
  5. Have you learned more from calm introspection, listening to wise ones or surviving one of life’s storms?
  6. What was the wisest decision/choice you made as a young adult?
  7. What was the wisest decision/choice you made as a parent?
  8. When do you wish you had been wiser about love?
  9. It’s been said, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” Which of your problems, messes, mistakes or pieces of pain just never seems to go away?
  10. What one piece of advice do you wish you hadn’t ignored?
  11. What has been the most unlikely source of wisdom in your life?
  12. When did you first feel wise?
  13. When was the last time you were wise enough to admit, “I don’t know”?

-from the Soul Matters Sharing Circle