TPUUF Policy Writing Guidelines

(Approved by the Board on August 13, 2008)

  1. Any member may identify a “need area” and request that TPUUF Board of Trustees (Board) address it.
  2. The board then will determine if a new policy or a revision to a policy is required/advisable to address the need area.
    Board will assign the policy writing to the Policy writing Task Force (PTF).
  3. The members of the PTF are to be appointed by the Board from the membership.
  4. Special provision: In the case of an urgent matter, if time does not permit step #2a, the board itself can write and ratify the policy.
  5. The PTF will determine if there is already a policy under which the new need area falls. If there is a suitable policy already in place, an amendment to that policy will be drafted. If there is not a suitable policy to address the need, the PTF will draft a new policy.
  6. The PTF will notify the congregation through at least the web vine, website and the OOS that this need area is under review. Input from the congregation is encouraged.
  7. The PTF will review policies of at least three other congregations (if possible) on the topic before drafting the policy. This will save time and give insight into how other congregations are handling similar issues.
  8. The PTF will present a draft of the new or revised policy to the Board for review.
  9. The board will review, revise, make comments and/or send back to PTF, if needed.
  10. When the Board is satisfied with the content and wording of the policy, it will vote whether to ratify the policy.
  11. At the annual meeting, the new and/or revised policies will be open for review and discussion. If there is a call to amend a policy, the Board will take this under advisement and report back to the congregation with their recommendation.

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