Let UUs All Be Grateful…for Healers

Continuing in our Thanksgiving weekend tradition of extolling the spiritual practice of gratitude, this year we’ll extend special thanks to people who’ve been a healing presence in our lives. Members and friends of our faith community are invited to submit the name of a person or persons who helped them heal from significant physical, emotional, and/or spiritual distress. The names of these healers and their attributes and skills that helped most to heal us will be announced during the service. Also, several of our members and friends will provide a more detailed account of their healing experience, focusing on what they learned from that experience about the healing process and what fosters it. Such observations and insights may help empower us as we look to recover from these distressing times when we, the nation, and our world grapple with threats to the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and the body politic.

Thomas Paine UU Fellowship
Thomas Paine UU Fellowship
Let UUs All Be Grateful...for Healers