This policy is based on current public health guidance and understanding of the novel coronavirus and its variants. The policy is subject to change with changing information and public health guidance. 


We began regular hybrid services with the Ingathering service on September 12. Some services will still be virtual only with advance notice.


UUA Guidelines. The UUA has been recommending not having in-person children’s religious education programs before the end of the year. The UUA is also recommending congregations not permit singing indoors, nor handing out hymnals, orders of service or other papers, nor serving food and beverages. 


Protocols. The following restrictions will be observed for all services and activities conducted on-site until transmission of the COVID-19 virus and any variants has been at a very low level (positivity <0.5%; rolling 7-day total cases <10/100,000 people) in Montgomery County for at least three weeks: 


  •     Only vaccinated persons will be permitted in the building. We will offer “I Am Fully Vaccinated” buttons. We will rely on congregants and visitors being truthful about their vaccination status. If any situation arises that gives us reason to question people’s truthfulness, we may revisit this policy. 
  •     All persons will be required to wear masks that fully cover their nose and mouth indoors except speakers/performers on the dais or behind the podium at the front of the sanctuary and the tech guru who is seated in the back of the sanctuary.
  •     Seating will be socially distanced in “pods” of 1, 2, 3 or 4 seats, pods spaced no less than 5 feet apart (6 feet if possible).  A suggested arrangement of seats has been set up in the sanctuary for viewing and discussion. Family members may sit together in a pod.  The proposed seating should accommodate 30 people (about 30% of the full capacity of the sanctuary). 
  •     Air handling units will be set to run while the building is occupied. The ceiling fans will be shut off. If conditions permit, the doors on the east side of the sanctuary can be opened to accommodate more than 30people (but no more than 45) in the sanctuary. 
  •     No food or drink will be served. 
  •     No hymnals or Orders of Service will be distributed. Information will be displayed on monitors in the sanctuary and lobby. 
  •     Hand-shaking will be discouraged; fist-bumps or elbow bumps are OK. 
  •     Masking and social distancing indoors for all activities. All informal conversation should occur outside of the building. 
  •     Survey. For hybrid services, a Survey Monkey survey will be distributed through web-vine asking if people will be attending in person, the number expected in the party, and vaccination status. 
  •     Sign-in. For each service or event, a list will be generated of expected (or potential) attendees (with their contact information). A greeter will check off the names of those attending. New guests will be asked to complete the visitor contact card with a pen we provide that they can keep. This information will be kept for potential use for contact tracing and notification. Masks will be available if needed.
  •     Outdoor activities. For activities or services conducted outdoors on the grounds, wearing of masks will be optional but recommended, and singing will be permitted. Social distancing should still be observed. 
  •     Children’s Religious Education and Childcare. CRE classes will be conducted virtually at this time. For now, no CRE classes or activities involving unvaccinated youth will be conducted indoors on-site. No childcare will be offered at this time. 
  •     A volunteer will empty trash and wipe down doorknobs and bathroom fixtures with disinfectant after every service.