Speaker: Adele McDaniel

Women’s Voices

Thomas Paine UU Fellowship
Thomas Paine UU Fellowship
Women's Voices

TPUUF Women will celebrate Women’s History Month with OurStory. We will share stories, inspirations, lessons learned, as well as artwork, poetry, music. All too often, being visible as a woman means being invisible as a human. Join us this Sunday morning as we make women’s lives and experiences visible. Women have made tremendous progress, but … Continue reading Women’s Voices

Economics: The Invisible Hand Is Not That Invisible

In the United States and in most of the modern world today, capitalism is put forth as an economic system the virtue of which cannot be questioned. But must we accept any economic system as “virtuous?” Or should we look at the world it produces and ask: “What goals are we trying to achieve?” Then we could even ask ourselves what kind of economic system we want.