The Advent Conspiracy Revisited

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A rare alignment of Judeo-Christian religious observances occurs this year: the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and the Christian season of Advent both begin on the same date. Most UUs view the “miracle” of Hanukkah as symbolic, and they’re likely to feel somewhat ambivalent about celebrating Christmas and observing Advent as a time to prepare for it. However, as we’ve done in previous years, we’ll acknowledge these significant religious holidays and consider meanings that we as Unitarian Universalists may derive from them. We’ll explore how UUs of any religious background and orientation—from theist to atheist—can appreciate Hanukkah and “keep” Christmas (and Advent!) as an opportunity to affirm and promote UU principles such as the worth and dignity of very person, justice and compassion in human relations, acceptance of one another, and spiritual growth in our congregations.

Note: To facilitate participation in the book discussion following the service, attendance at this service will be entirely virtual.