Seeking Renewal During Covid-19

Individuals share the impact of quarantine on their lives, be it reflective, artistic, a project, or a spiritual/political expression. This period disrupted daily routine; many lives were devastated emotionally and/or economically; and a police-killing ignited the built-up stress of the injustices suffered by African American community. Each of us, in our unique way, given our life circumstances, have grappled with these events during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Did this time awaken something in you? Were you moved to create an artwork, build something, re-do your personal space, learn a new skill, or compose music, a poem, a story? Did you give time to help others, take a political stand, or deepen a resolve? Did a book, music, or current event affect or teach you something, and then transform you? Did an adversity change your life perspective and suggest how you might move forward?

This topic is so fitting as our Soul Matters theme for September is “Renewal.” Please join us and share your experience as we explore renewal during these challenging times.

Thomas Paine UU Fellowship
Seeking Renewal During Covid-19