The TPUUF Writer’s Group is back up and running!

In addition to sharing creative efforts, the writer’s group encourages a lively discussion of experiences and ideas referenced in the works shared. At the initial meeting, those present considered scheduling and structure of meetings going forward and decided:

  1. While the fourth Saturday of the month might be optimal for meetings, meetings inNovember and December would be on the third Saturday to avoid conflicting with holiday weekends;
  2. Writing prompts would be provided for meetings, but participants were free to share works-in-progress on any theme and, of course, in any genre or style;
  3. Remote participation via Zoom would be provided for those preferring that option;
  4. The possibility of creating an archive of meeting reports and of works shared at meetings would be explored, and options for doing so would be discussed at the meeting in

All TPUUF members and friends interested in sharing their writing in a collegial, supportive setting are invited to join the Writers Group. A writing prompt for the month will be sent out on the WebVine several weeks prior to the meeting.