Topic: Justice

Pete Seeger Sunday

We, all ages together, will sing and otherwise celebrate Pete Seeger and other Unitarian Universalist troubadours and activists.

Get On the Bus

It’s Pride Day! Many of our members will be on the way to Philadelphia to represent The Fellowship in the parade. Those of us in Collegeville will consider what it means to join with others to help bring the Belovéd Community into being.

Advocacy as Spiritual Practice

Educator Anita Mentzer has always felt a strong sense of responsibility for others and, along with it, a sense of obligation to speak up on behalf of others. She invites us to explore with her the relationship of spirituality to social justice advocacy and the willingness to combat injustice.

Reproductive Justice

“What is Reproductive Justice?” and “How is it different from Reproductive Rights?” Learn more about the movement which embodies the often-ignored needs and rights of women of color while also embracing the reproductive needs of everyone.