The Most Knowledgeable

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Shaykh Anwar A. M. Muhammad was born in central Pennsylvania and grew up in a small town just outside of its capital city. Having attended Millersville University where he achieved a degree in Communication, he is a published author of the book “The Written Mixtape Vol. One The Awakening”, a public speaker and former President of the Ambler Branch of the NAACP. He is also the proprietor of The Black Reserve Bookstore in downtown Lansdale, making him truly “The Black Panther Of Lansdale”. Piously, he is a Senior Shaykh at Allah Temple of Islam: Infinite Order of the Asiatic Magi©.

Shaykh Anwar A. M. Muhammad’s talk will be about the following: “Are you truly willing to respect/ accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own and are you open to new ideas or do you feel you have reached the apex of spirituality and civilization? We arrogantly feel that we are the most knowledgeable about things when Allaah is AL ALEEM (The All Knowing). He is The Light (AL NOOR) and we are but holes in the lampshade. Knowing that we plan and Allaah plans but surely Allaah is THE BEST of planners.”

This will not be our typical Sunday service. Join us to learn more about Shaykh Anwar A. M. Muhammad and Islam.