US Congresswoman Madeleine Dean to speak at TPUUF

Continuing our month honoring women who make a difference in our lives and the world around us, TPUUF is pleased to welcome Congresswoman Madeleine Dean to our Sunday service on Sunday, March 20th.  Congresswoman Dean represents Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District in Washington, DC. After serving 6 ½ years as a State Representative in Harrisburg, Madeleine’s concern for equality — and a broader desire to expand her public service — eventually inspired her run for Congress. In 2018, Pennsylvania had 18 Congressional seats — and 0 women.

In Congress, Madeleine remains focused on decency and the common good. That means working hard to address issues that affect Americans deeply — including stopping gun violence and guaranteeing health care for all. In Madeleine’s view, building a more compassionate society means making smart, humane policy choices. It also means working to ensure that the government functions smoothly and delivers the services constituents need.