Award-Winning Author Lyndsay Faye will join TPUUF via Zoom for a Book Discussion of “The Gods of Gotham” on November 28th

The TPUUF Book Club has a very special event on November 28th, immediately following our regular Sunday services (approximately 11:45AM). Award-winning author Lyndsay Faye, will join us via Zoom from New York City.  She has written seven novels and her novel on Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper has been optioned by a major studio for a film.  She will join us to discuss her American Library Association winning novel, The Gods of Gotham.  The novel is historical fiction set in 1845 New York.  It is a mystery regarding such topics as religion, prejudice, and the genesis of police forces in America.  This book is the first of a trilogy she wrote about the 1840s in New York.  Please do not miss this excellent opportunity to actually talk to an author about the book we read.