TPUUF Welcomes Seven New Members

TPUUF Welcomes Seven New Members
August 8, 2021

On Friday, July 9, seven new members “signed the book” and officially became
members of TPUUF.

At a ceremony conducted in our sanctuary by Rev. Lawrence Peers and
witnessed by myself and our Treasurer, Linda Weaver, our Fellowship welcomed
Susan and Larry Hare, Grace and Duncan Smith, and Catherine and Richard
Webster as new members and Toni Black as a returning member. All had been
regular attenders and supporters of our Fellowship through the pandemic that
had prevented conducting services or ceremonies in our building. With all of the
participants fully vaccinated, and the incidence of COVID-19 at very low levels
locally, we were finally able to have the ceremony and welcome these wonderful
additions to our congregation.

The ceremony was followed by wine and cheese and conversation in the
sanctuary, and then a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant.

Preston Luitweiler